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International Cafe: Meeting ex-refugee students from Hanze | Studievereniging Mesacosa

International Cafe: Meeting ex-refugee students from Hanze | Studievereniging Mesacosa

Together with the Hanze, we are organizing a social evening with participants of the Grotius Project. The Grotius Project is a project set up by the Hanze Hogeschool to help ex-refugees to adapt as best as possible to Dutch education standards, so that they will be able to start a study program at Hanze in the future.

This evening will bring them in touch with you, international students who also have to get used to the Dutch culture and its education system.

The students of the Grotius project mostly know Arabic and Dutch, but some of them might know other languages or might be good at English. We don't know this exactly beforehand. To stimulate conversation, we will give every participant a tag with all the languages they speak.
We will start the evening by providing all participants with some statements that can get the conversation started.

The evening will end around 21.30, but there is the opportunity to stay longer and have some drinks, and maybe afterwards you can go to the Valentine's party at Twister!

Are you enthusiastic about the event? Than please sign up with this google form:
Hope to see you there!

The SocialErasmus Committee


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